We see a lot of businesses nowadays which has seen the heights of success which other companies can only dream of. The other businesses (not so famous like the more famous ones) also follow those footsteps. This may be a matter of timing of performing those activities or luck or not trying something new or you can even say they might not just be putting the right balance of efforts in that work, which leads to not so much success.

I will be here focusing on those steps which these successful organizations follow but one by one. In this particular topic, I will be focusing on the first step which may act as a base for what may come up next and that would be Organizing your business.

You should decide and make a plan that how you want to target the goals which has been set by you for your organization. Planning is necessary in every way as it gives you the opportunity to avoid some of the threats which may occur any time in future. When I use the word “organizing” it covers a lot of things which includes your leadership, planning, departments and even your work ethics and timings comes under it. I may go On & On about this but in short, any business, should have a plan and how to proceed for that plan, in order to see success.

Division of Labor


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One of the noteworthy “bookish concept” of Division of Labor may be the most important tool which is opted by organizations in “practical life.” This technique does give you more smooth results and with that it saves your time in a big way.

Most people (which i see in the surrounding from my student time) does not believe that this technique is that necessary but once you enter a professional life, you do feel that how helpful it is. No doubt, it has some negatives attached to it, i.e. your work may become somewhat tedious or boring because you will be doing same work again and again with the option of not trying anything new and losing your touch with the other work. Surely it will brush your work towards more sharpness but if you are a kind of person who wants to try something new , now and than, than you might get fed up really soon.

This is not a problem which couldnt be resolved but at this point, the leadership in the organization comes to play and it has some serious role towards his employees. Surely if someone gets good at something, why would you change his position? Wont that be a stupid decision? Well, technically it wont be a bad decision, if you manage your timing. Once a person gets good at something, they enjoy it at first, so make use of it and in that mean time get some other people doing that work as well with him, so they could learn from him. Once you feel that the person is getting fed up from that work, you can use either of two options i.e. to charge him with some additional work which will give him a new challenge or you could simply shift him to some other work or department, Entirely!!

These steps may sound a little risky at first but it will turn out to your advantage in the long run because no settled organization wants to lose their strong people, so they try some new steps time by time, to keep them interested.

EduSoft System Solutions.. A multi service organization!!!


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When you go to a mall, one of the benefits which you see is that you will be getting all the items relevant to your daily life in one single place which not only just saves time but also gives you satisfaction of services.

Our business i.e. EduSoft System Solutions is somewhat similar to that. By similar we don’t mean your daily life groceries but we are more interested in setting up or organizing your business. One of our specialty is Desktop Optimization Software, which is in itself vastly multi functional. From your basic accounts to your manufacturing and clients process, it will be covering everything. I don’t need to brag about this but our AFTER SALE SERVICES is our very special part which makes sure that client stays with us and also recommend us to others.

Desktop Optimization Software is not the only thing which we provide to you people, but also we have separate team for Web Designing and Web Development which mostly deals with the International Market. We also provide services to local businesses as well if they appreciate the quality in amount which is actually worth it.

Several other in house offerings by EduSoft System Solution is Audit Department and HR Services. Overall, we can say it with confidence, that WE ARE GOOD AT WHAT WE DO. If you require our services or require some information regarding it, you can email us at: “” or “”

If you feel like making a call, you can do that as well by dialing : +92-300-8481759 or +92-321-6309597



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It is no surprise that when you own a restaurant, the most difficult job which you have to deal is how to manage it entirely. Their are a lot of factors to consider which an ordinary person may think.

The benefit of working in a prestigious software house is that you get to know the business nature of those business for which you are dealing with and restaurant software is one of our specialty. For starters, you have to define the area i.e. what number of tables or which waiter is serving which area that would give you the idea of which area is generating more sales and that area should be given more importance in terms of care.

After that, you have your inventory, which is a very essential part because you got to know that how much you have spent on your inventory, how much does it cost to make one particular item and how much you are saving from it. Each and everything of this is very important. If you just dont take control of that, in later dates you might regret because when paying bills and salaries, you will think that where did all that money go…

Speaking of salaries, you will be having various workers, working in different shifts, so maintaining their data i.e. like their check in or out timing, the orders which they have taken, the serving area which they were catering to, for how many days they were present, what advances or loans they have taken and everything.

Also the essential part is that whenever a waiter takes the order, he doesnt have to go to various kitchens to tell the order, but in fact he will report it at the counter and from their a Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) will be generated which will be automatically sent to the respective kitchen to prepare that order and that waiter would just have to pick that order.

There are many other things, but I would not go in the detail, but in short, you can control everything and view reports according to your liking with control rights option as well… PRETTY COOL HUH!!!



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Whenever anyone is studying, they have some kind of plan in their mind that after graduation they will be doing a job at a higher post in one of the most recognized company with a friendly working environment amongst the colleagues just as good as your friends and the office even more comfortable than your very own bed… Well that planning cant all be true, no matter how well known, brilliant or how much “contacts” you have.

First of all, whenever someone makes some kind of future planning, they are not aware of the situation practically. All the ideas which comes through their mind is through Movies, TV Series and some friends or relatives which they meet always personally at some place nice. You “always” have to make some kind of a sacrifice to achieve something because this is how things professionally work. If you are getting then their is some kind of price tag attached to it, which is not cheap at all.

There are some of the renowned organizations whose working environment is rated as perfect, but actually it isn’t because people who are working their will most definitely have some “BUTS”. For example, The work is great, good people , pay a highly competitive salary and benefits BUT it is such a lot of work that I don’t have any time or a very minimum time for my family and friends left.

The most ideal working way according to my approach is to ADAPT. As soon as you adapt to those working conditions, more quickly you will feel more relaxed and comfortable with your work and yourself. The cost of Opportunity Cost proves very much effective which we have studied in the basic definitions of economics. The more quickly you put some of your comfort points side and adjust to the situation, you will feel that my work is simply the best…



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Where I work, EduSoft System Solutions, is a software house which provides Business Automation Solutions  for almost every business category. Along with that it also provides web solutions such as Web Development and Web Designing. Also there is the option of Android/IOS Application and also it has its very own Audit Department.

The reason why this company has so many business operations is so that they don’t have to rely on any single product or services. Whenever their sales tend to decrease, they are very much sure that if one thing is not clicking at the moment there are others which will fill that gap with ease.

Surely it requires some additional work force if you want to be good at it, but believe me, it is totally worth it because you would be earning more than usual in your pretty average days because of the joint efforts. Also it eases the burden on each of these department when the business is not flowing in effectively. There is a downside to it as well i.e. some departments does good pretty relax at their job and don’t put 100% of their efforts because the other departments are doing so well that they feel they don’t need to get their hands dirty by giving extra effort which is NOT ACCEPTABLE. In this type of scenario, a senior member has to step in and makes sure that everyone is giving their full efforts.

Hard Work is necessary for every business to succeed and as I am sharing my experience here what the benefits of mutual efforts is, I am very much sure that most of the people might not agree with me as well but as I said before IT IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, I am very much sure this works 😉



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It is not a myth, organizational politics does exist in every company and people who say it with extreme confidence that it isn’t, are the one to take lesson from.

It is not written in your job description that you have to indulge in internal politics but it is somewhat a survival instinct which you need to follow some time. Your seniors would want you to work good but not good enough to make them look bad. You can claim whole credit for the work which is done solely by you, because that would not end in a good way for you because your seniors have connections with the upper staff and they might not put in a good word for you.

Surely my speech may seem a little negative to most of the people but I believe any person who is sitting at his place and wonders this, he or she will surely know that this type of things does happen. It also depends on the lower staff that how they keep their relationship with the people in the organization. If you remember when I said in the start about people who say there isn’t any politics, are the one who really don’t have much effect of it also. They go to the office, do their work, have a friendly chit chat with everyone which is not regarding work, a working discussion only on a matter which they are relevant to and keep a smiling attitude, these people are mostly liked by all. They don’t interfere in others work and never criticize also because they only focus on WHAT THEY WANT TO DO! not how everyone else is working. If you have an organization with every people with this attitude, than surely this may be the ideal working environment, but that is not the case because ideal scenario only existing in stories and movies.

So if you think that how to avoid these problems, you should mind your own business and everything will turn out just fine for you.



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No one likes to spend his time in the office yawning and dreaming about sleeping during work time, that is just not professionalism. On the other hand I also wonder, if no one wants it than why they go through it? According to my very own experience, this habit “develops” from few factors of which the most important is not doing the work which you were chosen to do or not having enough of it. If you are doing something where you are good at, then this negativity wont happen.

Also lack of appreciation is a major cause, you can at least let the people know they have done a good job or don’t make them feel bad about their effort, so that they should strive for more and more. This type of demotivation leads to people not paying full attention to their work.

“Keep them interested” is a basic marketing term so that your audience pays attention to you and to organization, its employees is somewhat like their clients, so they should follow this mantra as well so it is better to keep them busy with the work which would benefit the organization in the long run and also those employees should feel that they are part of the organization as well.