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A lot of organizations claim that they have the best working environment and still they witness such events where people leave that organization because of that “working environment.” I am not a psychiatrist or a telepathy expert who would tell the exact reason behind every person leaving the organization but it is pretty obvious that the working environment has a major role in it.

There are people who leave their current job because they are offered a much higher salary and other benefits than their current job, so without noticing any other factor, they make a switch, but what about others? Why they quit when the don’t even have any other option? Or why would they even settle for other low paying job then their current job?

There is not any single reason behind the employee resignation but multiple factors are combined which than explodes and cause that employee to leave the job. The organization management feels that it is not really their job to look out for each and every individual and i.e. the reason they have created a universal policies which should be equal for everyone. Does that mean it is employees fault when he leaves his job because he was not able to fulfill the company’s policies? Yes and No, both the possibilities apply here. If we say yes, that would be very obvious because every organization clearly states their policies and ask their employees to read them as well, so if he fails to follow that, then in majority cases, he would be let go.

You must be wondering that if that is the case, than why I am also focusing on NO factor. There are number of reasons behind this and if I focus on each and everyone, you might need another day and a half to go through every point, so that’s why I would focus on some of the major reasons which play a role in employee leaving the organization on his own will.

The most basic reason would be the organization culture, because what the company portrays its image outside to the world, isn’t exactly the same or near to what they portray themselves as. You will feel honored if you get your name attached to a highly acclaimed organization but the inside is not as half as good as what is on its outside. It could be anything starting from its physical appearance of office to higher level politics, it could be anything. A proper chair, table, office, computer, Cafeteria, Air Conditioner etc, plays a very important role of a how person judges your organization. These are not the major things to which a company should focus on but these are some minor things which is necessary for an organization keep a track of. If an employee doesn’t get proper response from any of the above things, he might think that it was a big mistake because they might be doing well with their product but they are not so good or fair to their employees.

It is not in the control of every organization to hire the person who is not just hard working and motivated but also a good human being. These qualities are very hard to find these days in every person and as I said before, this is not in control of the organization. Any new employee who starts working in a new firm believes that he needs to learn his work and will get support of his colleagues. Well everything is not turned out as how you planned so you have to make sacrifices as well. If you get support from the team of the organization, there is a very rare chance that you might even think of switching the job but if you are teased and guided in a wrong way, then it is a very rare chance that you will stay in that organization for a long time. I have heard number of people complaining that his colleague or his boss was not treating him fairly or were misusing him or in same cases, under using his abilities. To be honest, what job description you see on paper is not exactly what you will experience. I think every person with some sense “should” understand that he will be facing some changes. But if some changes turned out to be entirely different, then some problem may occur for that person of what he is doing in that job. Lets say if you are working in a marketing department and you were told that you would also be dealing with a little portion of finance in it as well which will help you in your research , that would be okay, but if you have to spend late nights in the office focusing on why the balance sheet balance is not balanced, you may think, “I don’t belong here so why I am taking the pain and beating here?” It is really important that an organization should keep every department separated because a person can only excel at something of which he has a knowledge of.

One of the very important reason is of appreciation. if an employee put his hard work and sweat into the work and is also producing results, he at least needs some tap the shoulders from his colleagues and most importantly, from his seniors. This would give him the strength to try even more hard. If you just ignore this fact and say” this was your job and in any case you have to do it” this might get him extremely demotivated. No doubt it was his job but if he has done it effectively, then if you just state the obvious in encouraging way, he may work for better results.

In some cases, verbal or physical appreciation is not enough, you have to reward them with something worth noticing. It can be some bonus commission or some days off or a trip to some southern areas or even a small dinner for which he is a part of, means so much to employee. An employee who is putting his extra efforts in work for extra result would also require some extra benefits from his organization. If he just keeps on working and he is just appreciated verbally, after some time he would think that as a routine and would feel that the organization is stating the obvious but is not doing anything about it? So after a while he will look for other options and leave that job.

These are some of the major factors which an organization should keep in mind which would drive their hard working employees run away. You don’t need that, it is really hard to find an honest and hard working employee and if you do, remember to stick with him because he is just their to benefit you, not to hurt you or your organization. Their is still a long list of demotivating factors which could not be overcome but an organization has to make sure that it should reduce these stuff by noticing the demands and needs of their employees and also how to manage them. You cannot make every person happy but if you keep most of the people satisfied, you are certainly doing great, and if this is not the case, the organization needs to do a serious thinking and should do it fast!