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It is not a myth, organizational politics does exist in every company and people who say it with extreme confidence that it isn’t, are the one to take lesson from.

It is not written in your job description that you have to indulge in internal politics but it is somewhat a survival instinct which you need to follow some time. Your seniors would want you to work good but not good enough to make them look bad. You can claim whole credit for the work which is done solely by you, because that would not end in a good way for you because your seniors have connections with the upper staff and they might not put in a good word for you.

Surely my speech may seem a little negative to most of the people but I believe any person who is sitting at his place and wonders this, he or she will surely know that this type of things does happen. It also depends on the lower staff that how they keep their relationship with the people in the organization. If you remember when I said in the start about people who say there isn’t any politics, are the one who really don’t have much effect of it also. They go to the office, do their work, have a friendly chit chat with everyone which is not regarding work, a working discussion only on a matter which they are relevant to and keep a smiling attitude, these people are mostly liked by all. They don’t interfere in others work and never criticize also because they only focus on WHAT THEY WANT TO DO! not how everyone else is working. If you have an organization with every people with this attitude, than surely this may be the ideal working environment, but that is not the case because ideal scenario only existing in stories and movies.

So if you think that how to avoid these problems, you should mind your own business and everything will turn out just fine for you.