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Where I work, EduSoft System Solutions, is a software house which provides Business Automation Solutions  for almost every business category. Along with that it also provides web solutions such as Web Development and Web Designing. Also there is the option of Android/IOS Application and also it has its very own Audit Department.

The reason why this company has so many business operations is so that they don’t have to rely on any single product or services. Whenever their sales tend to decrease, they are very much sure that if one thing is not clicking at the moment there are others which will fill that gap with ease.

Surely it requires some additional work force if you want to be good at it, but believe me, it is totally worth it because you would be earning more than usual in your pretty average days because of the joint efforts. Also it eases the burden on each of these department when the business is not flowing in effectively. There is a downside to it as well i.e. some departments does good pretty relax at their job and don’t put 100% of their efforts because the other departments are doing so well that they feel they don’t need to get their hands dirty by giving extra effort which is NOT ACCEPTABLE. In this type of scenario, a senior member has to step in and makes sure that everyone is giving their full efforts.

Hard Work is necessary for every business to succeed and as I am sharing my experience here what the benefits of mutual efforts is, I am very much sure that most of the people might not agree with me as well but as I said before IT IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, I am very much sure this works 😉