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Whenever anyone is studying, they have some kind of plan in their mind that after graduation they will be doing a job at a higher post in one of the most recognized company with a friendly working environment amongst the colleagues just as good as your friends and the office even more comfortable than your very own bed… Well that planning cant all be true, no matter how well known, brilliant or how much “contacts” you have.

First of all, whenever someone makes some kind of future planning, they are not aware of the situation practically. All the ideas which comes through their mind is through Movies, TV Series and some friends or relatives which they meet always personally at some place nice. You “always” have to make some kind of a sacrifice to achieve something because this is how things professionally work. If you are getting then their is some kind of price tag attached to it, which is not cheap at all.

There are some of the renowned organizations whose working environment is rated as perfect, but actually it isn’t because people who are working their will most definitely have some “BUTS”. For example, The work is great, good people , pay a highly competitive salary and benefits BUT it is such a lot of work that I don’t have any time or a very minimum time for my family and friends left.

The most ideal working way according to my approach is to ADAPT. As soon as you adapt to those working conditions, more quickly you will feel more relaxed and comfortable with your work and yourself. The cost of Opportunity Cost proves very much effective which we have studied in the basic definitions of economics. The more quickly you put some of your comfort points side and adjust to the situation, you will feel that my work is simply the best…