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It is no surprise that when you own a restaurant, the most difficult job which you have to deal is how to manage it entirely. Their are a lot of factors to consider which an ordinary person may think.

The benefit of working in a prestigious software house is that you get to know the business nature of those business for which you are dealing with and restaurant software is one of our specialty. For starters, you have to define the area i.e. what number of tables or which waiter is serving which area that would give you the idea of which area is generating more sales and that area should be given more importance in terms of care.

After that, you have your inventory, which is a very essential part because you got to know that how much you have spent on your inventory, how much does it cost to make one particular item and how much you are saving from it. Each and everything of this is very important. If you just dont take control of that, in later dates you might regret because when paying bills and salaries, you will think that where did all that money go…

Speaking of salaries, you will be having various workers, working in different shifts, so maintaining their data i.e. like their check in or out timing, the orders which they have taken, the serving area which they were catering to, for how many days they were present, what advances or loans they have taken and everything.

Also the essential part is that whenever a waiter takes the order, he doesnt have to go to various kitchens to tell the order, but in fact he will report it at the counter and from their a Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) will be generated which will be automatically sent to the respective kitchen to prepare that order and that waiter would just have to pick that order.

There are many other things, but I would not go in the detail, but in short, you can control everything and view reports according to your liking with control rights option as well… PRETTY COOL HUH!!!